When is it necessary for me to have my wisdom teeth extracted?


While it is common to eventually have your wisdom teeth removed, not everyone needs to do so. Unless you experience any of the following scenarios, you do not need your wisdom teeth extracted.

Your wisdom teeth do not fit in your mouth.Most people have 28 teeth before wisdom teeth erupt. Many do not have enough room in their jaw for 32 teeth and this may cause teeth to become misaligned or unable to erupt fully. Removing wisdom teeth can prevent overcrowding in your jaw and further problems.
You experience chronic pain in the gums around your wisdom teethIt is quite common to get infections around your wisdom teeth, especially with partially erupted ones, because food and bacteria get trapped in these areas. Having your wisdom teeth removed can prevent further infection and pain.
Your wisdom teeth do not grow in straightIn most cases, wisdom teeth that are crooked or facing the wrong direction can cause your other teeth to shift and move over time. To prevent the rest of your teeth from moving, it is advisable to have wisdom teeth taken out.
Your wisdom teeth have extensive tooth decay or, they are causing damage to neighbouring teeth.Wisdom teeth can be difficult to keep clean because they are the furthest teeth to reach in your mouth. Flossing and brushing can be challenging and without good oral care, gum disease and tooth decay are inevitable. Removing your wisdom teeth can prevent decay, damage to nearby teeth and deterioration of your overall oral health.

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