What do I do when I have a toothache?


There are many possible sources that could cause pain within your mouth and areas around it. Firstly, self-diagnosis can mislead us when we assess your pain so please avoid doing so. The pain may be from your teeth, gums, surrounding regions of the mouth or face, e.g. jaw joint. It may range from mild to severe.
Please keep in mind that the severity of your pain may not be an accurate indication of how severe the underlying problem is. Therefore a milder pain from an underlying tooth problem could get worse if left alone, so please organise an appointment so that we can assess the health of your teeth.
If you are experiencing:

severe throbbing pain
marked tenderness to biting or
If you notice a swelling of the face
This could be potentially serious and you have to contact us as soon as possible. Until your appointment time, it is usually safe to take paracetamol (eg. Panadol) or ibuprofen (eg. Nurofen) to help relieve the pain, however make sure you read the instructions carefully.

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